East 80 Rare Breed: Lesson 1

20131008-150406[1]Lesson 1: TRAIN INSANE

I wanted to start a series of blog post lessons regarding how to become the “Rare Breed” type of athlete at East80CrossFit that will elevate your training and your life! This first lesson is carry over from yesterday’s post about the #1 key to success. But I came across it AGAIN today when reading through a few of my old training articles. So I thought I would start there.

It’s not about where you train… It’s about what you do when you’re in there!

Rare Breeds lose games. Rare Breeds get injured. Rare Breeds go through rough times too. The difference between Rare Breeds and others is that they don’t shut down. They have the right mental attitude about doing work and the importance of it.

I read the forums and hear people arguing about this training program vs another training program. Without the proper “Rare Breed” mental approach, it doesn’t matter what program you do. It’s not about the program. It’s not about the equipment or facility. You’ve got to put the mental aspects of training first; the program is secondary.

Are you Rare Breed?