RARE BREED: Lesson 4

20131023-093737[1]Choose to be a Rare Breed

The Rare Breed concept is all about choices and vision. It is your responsibility to make your own success happen and become a reality. Choose to be a Rare Breed!

We all have been given one precious gift: the right to choose our life’s path. Through choices we can grow, progress and learn. Even making bad choices can help you do this. This gift is essential, even mandatory, for physical, mental and spiritual development. Making good choices is the foundation in becoming who we are called to be on this earth. Making bad choices never lead to true success and happiness unless you learn from them and make positive changes.

1. Rare Breeds are ultimately accountable and responsible for his or her own choices. “I am responsible for my greatness AND my own failures.”

2. Rare Breeds focus on goal choices. Goal choices are made after critical thinking by exercising careful evaluation and judgment, ultimately leading to one’s highest goals in all phases of life.

3. Rare Breeds make good subconscious choices. These choices are made because of consistant thought forming habits or practice.

Man is man because he is free to operate within the framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and choose between alternatives.

Martin Luther King Jr

Are you a Rare Breed?