Training vs. Exercising

20131218-110814[1]While exercising is much better than sitting on the couch, it’s time you started training.

Exercise is physical activity, or a workout, done for the effect it produces today or shortly thereafter. Training is physical activity, or a program, done with a longer term goal in mind and is specifically designed to produce that goal.

Strength is the foundation that drives improvement in all other athletic parameters, which is why strength is our focus at East80.

The “untrained” or “non adapted” person can get stronger for a while doing random exercise. But at some point you have to put more weight on the bar and lift it on a regular, consistent, programmed basis that obeys the rules of adaptive physiology and logic. If a random program of physical activity is not designed to get you stronger by assigning a specific stress to which a desirable adaptation can occur, you’re not training… you’re simply exercising.

You have to plan to get stronger by doing things that require you to be stronger, while not doing things that interfere with the process. Injuries from doing random, high skill movements without a sound foundation of strength is one of these. Training is about the programmed, consistent process you undertake to generate a specific result later, perhaps much later, the workouts are merely constituents of the process.


NOTICE: The constantly varied movements we perform at East80 are NOT random!!! Variations are specifically programmed to generate a specific result in our training. Varied does not mean random.