2014 Crossfit Games Open

20140221-110922[1]The Open is more than a competition of athletes, it’s a competition of training methodology. More specifically a test of YOUR training! We utilize all sorts of training assessments at East80 with benchmark WODs and Record Boards. The Open is another awesome assessment of all your hard work and training from this past year. You might have set a personal best 245# Clean and Jerk last week when last year 115# crushed you in the Open.

The Open workouts will be conducted within the walls of our East80 box, just like any other WOD. However your scores will be submitted by Coach Ham and posted on the games site. There we can see how our training methodology measures up to other CrossFitters around the world. More importantly a comparison of how your results compare to a year ago! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to assess your training from this past year and set the bar for your training for the upcoming year! Get registered today!