Not Just a Community, But a Family


What is it about CrossFit

CrossFit is commonly described as a high intensity, constantly varied, functional fitness and conditioning program with an emphasis on camaraderie and community.  Where it takes the motivation of the individual to embark on the start of their fitness journey, its the community of CrossFit which inspires most of us to stay on this lifestyle track.  While this is absolutely true at East80CrossFit, I believe we are much more than simply a community, we are family!



By definition a community is a group of people who come together in the same area and posses a unified or common interest.  A community will share similar characteristics or beliefs and will perceive itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.



A family is closely defined in the same way by which a group of people are united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.  The primary difference is in a family being defined as a group of related people (parents and children) living under one roof.  But what’s missing in the dictionary, which I believe many of us would add to define family, is a group of people who geniunly care for and unconditionally love one another.

Okay… So the love word just made my East80 sisters cry and my East80 brothers throw up. My next blog post will have to be more along the lines of “Most Effective Hypertrophy Movements for Muscular Growth” or “Look JACKED Naked” to keep the boys interested and myself respected.  But even the boys can not deny that its not simply coming together because we share a common interest in getting fit through CrossFit, but rather we share a greater interest in each other.

We are all brothers and sisters through Christ who suffer and rejoice under the roof of East80CrossFit and the events of our daily life outside the box.  Willing to sacrifice more than just blood and sweat for one another if need be even if we don’t always see eye to eye.  By that definition alone, Aimee and I consider you all our family!