E80: Training Update


Our last 4 week training cycle produced some amazing results and personal records where our primary focus was on CNS recovery without a decrease in training volume. I have to admit I was reluctant to implement and execute this mesocycle due to my “train insane” mentality, but wisdom told to me not to argue with what science has proven. Neurological deload (recovery) is essential for continued gains.

This week we began a new 4 week training cycle (actually 5 with a 1 week micro cycle) devoted to ME strength in the power lifts (bench, back squat, deadlift, & press) while increasing the volume and execution of our Olympic lifting (clean & snatch) through various complexes. I will also be supplementing our power lifts with auxiliary couplets geared to promote myofibrillar hypertrophy (muscle growth), so you can expect a little more tightness and soreness throughout this cycle. It will be of the upmost importance that you are committing to proper nutrition and rest in order to repair and recover appropriately from workouts.

I am attempting to stay with a general conditioning program for all of us, keeping movements and metcons simple yet brutal. Think moving consistently for medium to long periods of time without sacrificing intensity. However, I will be the first to get “bored” and will always be looking for the opportunity to mix things up!!!

REMEMBER: regardless of what training cycle we are in, consistency and intensity are the keys to success! AND… you can not out train a poor diet! BIP