The 2015 CrossFit Open at E80


It’s that time of year to prove your fitness and test your strengths. Register to compete in the official CrossFit Open on the CrossFit Games website. This is a five week competition that takes place in CrossFit gyms worldwide including East80 from February 26th thru March 30th.

The Open is an opportunity to bring our E80 community together to help each other reach our max potential. Every athlete will have the opportunity to be judged in a workout by their peers. The job of the judge is to keep score, watch range of motion, and hold the athlete accountable to all movement standards.

Register now for just $20! Scaled versions of the Open workouts will be an option this year with individual, masters, and teen divisions. We want to encourage our entire E80 family to participate in one of the largest events of the year!

The Breakdown:

Thursday Nights- the Open WODs will be announced at 7:00pm. We will hold a viewing party at coaches house to watch the live announcement and discuss strategies.

Fridays: we will be offering the Open WOD in every class. Saturday athletes will judge or cheer on our Friday participants but will also complete warm ups, mobility WODs, and practice movements.

Saturdays: 10:00am is our main event throughout the Open season. We encourage EVERYBODY to attend at this time. Wether you are competing, judging, or most importantly cheering our E80 family on. Bring your friends, family, and coolers! It has always been a great time!!! There will be an opportunity at 4:00pm for those athletes who missed or want to re-do the WOD.

Mondays: by this time your scores must be submitted to the CrossFit Games website for validation.

If you have questions or concerns, be sure to talk to one of your E80 Coaches or family members who have participated in years past!