E80 2015 Open Game Plan


Open 15.1 released tonight @ 7PM on CrossfitGames.com!

At this time we have 45 athletes signed up to compete in the 2015 Open which is AWESOME!!! You will have FIVE opportunities to perform the Open WOD each week on Friday or Saturday and then submit your score on the games site by Sunday evening for E80 to validate. 

Just a couple notes from our previous Open Breakdown:


This is the time for many of you to set the bar and complete the first round of Open performances @ 5:00am, 4:30pm, or 5:30pm. Everyone working out on Friday will do that weeks Open workout.  Those competing on Saturday are welcome to attend to judge, cheer, coach, and encourage!!! 


This has been our usual Open throw down time in the past, but with so many participating, it will be good to get as many of you scored on Friday as possible. Those who competed on Friday are then welcome to come Saturday at 10:00am or 4:30pm to judge, cheer, coach, and encourage!


All scores must be submitted BEFORE 7:00pm on the Monday following the workout’s release!!!

This is a FUN and exciting time of year to grow as an East80 community!  We encourage you to bring your family, friends, lawn chairs, and coolers to fellowship after each WOD performance!