Opportunity to Start ANEW!

13I was just thinking…

Today marks an opportunity to start a new training season and set new goals for the upcoming year.  This past year it has been exciting to see the growth and development in our E80 box and its members, our family!  Three years ago we had around 15 athletes compete in the CrossFit Games Open with few athletes who could perform the prescribed double unders, C2B pull ups, and muscle ups.  This year we had over 50 athletes compete in the Open and over half of them completed the RX division skills prescribed, with Castro adding HSPU into the mix.  As most of you know, I am NEVER satisfied, I believe we can ALWAYS get better, there IS a better way of doing things, and we CAN do more work!!!

What goals do you have set for yourself after the completion of this years Open???  Is it strength, skill, conditioning, weight loss, nutrition planning, or hopefully a combination of them all?  For me, this years Open showed me how valuable a sound nutrition plan, and being a few pounds lighter, was to my performance… DUH!!!  However, this aspect of training should always be assessed and adjusted the same as weight percentages are.  So I have set new nutritional goals for the upcoming off-season, and excited to see where they lead me and my performance in next years Open.  The other thing I took away from the Open this year is how I wanted to develop, implement, and experiment with a new training template for myself and our E80 athletes.  It is a work in progress, and will of course go through some trial and error adjustments, but I know it will improve the abilities and confidence of all our E80 athletes!

STOP and take the time this week to reflect back on your Open experience and start setting new goals for yourself!  If you are just walking into each training session, waiting to be told where to go and how to get there, you are missing the boat!  This is about personal growth and self discovery!  BE YOUR BEST COACH!!!  Yes we will guide and assist you on your journey to reaching those goals, but you have to decide in which direction you want to go!


Coach Ham