COMMITMENT: Stop Thinking About It…and Just Do It!


This past weekend I attended a couple competitions a few of our East 80 members were participating in. I was very proud as I watched our training prove itself and witnessed their efforts in the gym paying dividends.  While spectating and encouraging, I ran into so many people I know in the community and they ALL asked me the same question, “Are you competing today?”  Whithout hesitation I said “NO” and immediately began giving reasons, or really excuses, as to why I was not. 

While sitting in our home office last night, working on this weeks programming, it occurred to me that I was doing EXACTLY what most people do when it comes to diet and exercise… Make EXCUSES!!!  Most people tell me, “Easier said than done!”, “Its just too hard!”, “I don’t have the time!”, or “I lack the motivation!”  Well guess what… It’s supposed to be HARD!  It’s supposed to be difficult and challenging to get to the gym everyday and complete our workouts. It is tough to clean up your diet and commit to it.  If it were EASY, there would be no change, no growth, no results or benefit.  Motivation is simply a feeling to get you started, while commitment is an action that keeps you going.  Commit to your diet and exercise plan (your training) every single day and do it! Regardless of how you feel! Just as waking up in the morning, parenting, going to work, or caring for your spouse, you don’t think about wether you are going to do it or not… You are simply committed to doing it! 

So I went online, stopped thinking about it, stopped making excuses, and registered for this weekends WWFit Masters Competition at Crossfit Heath.  I will not be the strongest, fastest, or fittest Master there. But I am committed to my training, my leadership role as a coach, and this lifestyle we call East80CrossFit!  BiP!!!

Come out support myself, Jeff Parker, and one of my greatest inspirations, Mark Farish.