2016 Open Recap


I was asked by Coach Aimee last night if I was going to do my typical post Open blog post. As I began brainstorming, I honestly could not put into words how special this years Open was. So much emotion and success filled our five week journey!  From 1st time muscle ups to first time RX workouts, our people CRUSHED the 2016 Open!  However for me,  the biggest and greatest success of this years Open is the reinforcement of how truly special and valuable our E80 Family is.  I thank God weekly for the blessing of East 80 Crossfit and it members whom I call my brothers and sisters! Thank you ALL for allowing us to be a small part of your life! Coach Ham

Below is an AWESOME post from Coach Cam sharing his Open experience:


So there are many people who dread and hate the open, but I love the Crossfit Open for so many reasons. It gives you a chance to gauge how far you have come from last year. It scratches the competitive itch if you’ve got it. You can have some friendly in-house competition between friends (David). You’ll surprise yourself by conquering obstacles. The community comes together and people push you beyond your limits (Rich)! 

This year I had a couple big goals…I wanted to finish in the top 1000 in the region and top in Forney. I came close to both but accomplished neither goal. At the end of the day I am still extremely pleased with the outcome. I learned some great lessons through the Open. I may not have hit my goals but I definitely got better…so did so many others. My favorite moments in the Open this year weren’t finishing workouts with great scores…it was watching others finish after shattering their own expectations! So many people inspired me this year starting with my wife & my coach (who’s video you can find on the Crossfit Games Facebook!! Ashley, Jeff, Ashley, Brandi, John, Mark, Aimee, Neneh, Danny, Falon, Cherise and so many others…y’all were incredible to watch! I can’t call you all out but I am so proud of all my East 80 Crossfit brothers and sister! Keep BIP’in!!