GYMR: Episode 1

Get Your Mind Right!

As we begin the 2017 training year at E80, Coach Aimee challenged me to come up with a training slogan we could adopt, live out, and preach to our East 80 Community.  A slogan that not only would be a focal point in our training, but one that we can apply to EVERY aspect of our lives.  I loved the idea and enthusiastically accepted the challenge

I instantly began recalling all my favorite slogans past coaches had used throughout my athletic career which motivated me. However, none of them stuck out as slogans I wanted to apply to our E80 family.  For weeks my mind grappled with how to find the perfect slogan and I failed over and over again to pin something down.

It was the typical, early Monday morning stumble into work when it came to me like a slap in the face. I entered my work place and immediately jumped in with griping co-workers, complaining about the abundance of paperwork and unrealistic expectations set before us for the day.  I poured my usual cup of coffee, sat at my desk to posts the daily WOD, and after reading my daily devotional,  God clearly spoke to me, “Coach… Get Your Mind Right!

How often do we let things of this world negatively influence our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors?  Do NOT conform, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind!  Have a blessed day and be sure to recognize your opportunities to #GYMR!!!