GYMR: Episode 2

The 40% Rule

Developing mental toughness isn’t just about being resilient. It’s also about learning to access our reserve tank when we think we just can’t go any further.

The Navy Seals have adopted and cultivated what they call the “40 Percent Rule” to develop the mentally toughest of soldiers.  What is that you ask?  The 40% rule is the idea that when our mind is telling us to quit, our bodies have actually only used up 40% of it’s potential.  So they train to break that mental barrier and tap into that 60% reserve tank.

We all think we know our physical and emotional limits. Whether it comes to exercise, work, parenting, or dealing with our spouse, there’s always that moment when we feel like it’s time to “tap out”!  When actually it’s time to “tap in” to that remaining 60% potential.

The reality is we are all more capable than we realize, but we have to practice fighting off the mental blocks we’ve adopted over the years.  Ignore that little voice in our head begging us to quit.  Refuse to conform with the norms of today’s society. Surround ourselves with like minded individuals that motivate us to #GYMR and PUSH ON!!!