2017 Summer Athlete’s Course

COMING SOON!!! Contact us today!!!

I am getting fired up and excited to begin our Summer Athlete’s Course beginning June 12! Our East80 summer program has always been a HUGE success since we opened the doors six years ago. Multiple athletes achieving the next level of success in their athletic endeavors. From starting on the 7th grade a-team to signing division 1 collegiate scholarships.

Our program will run through most of June and July with the opportunity for athletes to continue their training at East80 in August when school begins.  Session times will be from 10:00 to 11:00am Monday thru Thursday, separate from our existing CrossFit classes. Athletes may make up missed training sessions in our regularly scheduled classes only after the approval from Coach Ham. The Athlete’s Course is uniquely different from our other training programs where as  the focus is primarily on student-athlete performance, nutrition, coachability, and mindset.  Experience from coaching junior high, high school, and collegiate athletes for over 20 years, we coach and instill the intangible qualities necessary to becoming a  successful student-athlete.  There is a distinct difference from this and other CrossFit and CrossFit Teens programs!

We look forward to filling up this course quickly, as it always does! Please contact us at info@east80crossfit.com to reserve your spot or to answer your questions!  God Bless!

Coach Ham