BIP Nation Barbell Club

Beginning  Oct. 1, 2017

The purpose of launching the BIP Nation Barbell Club is to take a break from our normal CrossFit programming and focus on fine tuning our olympic weightlifting and powerlifting skills.  Whether your desire is to drill and practice the squat snatch, clean and jerk, or get your weekly “Meathead” bench work in, this class is for you!

BBC classes will meet on Sundays at 1:00 pm and last approximately 1 hour. Weightlifting drills, “Meathead” workouts, accessory strength work, and conditioning sessions will be programmed by Coach Ham.  However, you will also have the flexibility to come in and makeup a previously programmed drill from the week or attempt a new 1RM in the Snatch or Clean and Jerk.

Excited to explore the possibilities and opportunities of our BIP Nation Barbell Club.

Coach Ham