E80 Intramural Open 2019


This year, we will be participating in the 2019 Crossfit Games Open with a fun little twist. But first, we need you registered by Feb. 21 so we can draft our Intramural Teams who will compete within our own box. Go to games.crossfit.com to register today!

What is the CrossFit Open

The Open is a 5 week online competition with the workouts completed inside our own gym. Each week we gather to watch the workouts released by the CrossFit Games at 7pm. Immediately following, we witness two of our own compete in the “Thursday Throwdown”. The rest of us will be performing the workouts on Friday and Saturday during regular class times.

Draft and Draw

Team captains will be chosen this year to draft and draw teams for a fun and friendly inner box competition! Details on how the competition works will be posted at the gym soon. But rest assured, the competition will not be based solely on who’s the best crossfitter!

Winning Team and BBQ

At the end of the 5 week Open a winning team, with the most points, will be declared. We will be hosting a post Open BBQ where that team will be presented a banner commemorating their victory!