East80: Growing Young

Coach Ham

First let me apologize for my lack of writing ability. I am no writer! But with a little extra time on my hands at the beginning of this summer break, I thought I’d take a stab at a long overdue E80 blog post. So get comfortable being uncomfortable, and away we go!

I’m two weeks out from my 49th birthday and one year away from the big Five-O. I have never been more motivated and optimistic about reaching the healthiest and fittest version of me possible. I have heard many times from family, friends, and peers that it’s all down hill after 40. Even my doctor has told me on several occasions, “Rich, you’re simply no spring chicken anymore!” Well I refuse to go downhill gracefully. As a matter of fact, I choose to reverse my direction. I have discovered what works best for me in regards to nutrition and exercise. Relearning all that has been taught to me about health and fitness. Applying the strategy of eating real foods, mostly meats and vegetables, while incorporating periods of fasting, has literally reversed the aging process. I have dropped over twenty-five pounds of body fat over the past year and reduced my waist size 4-6 inches while retaining lean muscle mass. My endocrinologist is blown away by my improved body composition and health markers, despite my low thyroid condition. Eliminate the processed foods high in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Reduce your meal frequency, allowing your system to reset and utilize body fat for fuel instead of food. Keep it simple by making small, consistent, and sustainable changes. There is no magic pill and you can’t out train a poor diet. I promise it can and will change your life. So while most will tell you I’m getting older… I will tell you I’m growing younger, and so can you!

BIP!!! Believe in the process, Inspire others, and Pursue excellence.