September 20, 2012

Get Started

Step 1:

Elements Program: $99 due at your first session. It is paid up front to compensate the coach for their time spent coaching you through this (2 or 3 session).

Step 2:

Don’t cancel! This little meeting could be the meeting of ALL meetings; the one that will change your life forever and ever, Amen. If you need to cancel for your 2nd day, there will be an additional $15 charge due at the re-schedule appointment.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the Elements class(es), we will determine if you are ready to graduate to the group classes that everyone is so excited about doing! Through experience, we have found that the Elements experience will allow for some quality instruction time. Your coaches will also have adequate time and attention to perform the needed assessments. THIS SESSION WILL BE A WORKOUT!

You may not skip the Elements evaluation without approval from a coach.

Step 4:

If coaches deem you are ready to move on, then you will choose your time slot for group classes and show up each day to offer your commitment to yourself and those around you! Welcome to the TEAM!

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