September 20, 2012


We offer competitive pricing for a priceless workout.
(updated as of 8/2015)

Standard Pricing:

$120 month to month with ACH

Couples/Service/Teacher/Student Pricing:

$100 month to month with ACH

Family Pricing:

$200 for the couple + $50 for each additional member of the household with ACH

***** if you you cancel your membership or place it on hold, you will be subject to current rates when you re-join*****

Summer Athlete Course


Download the Liability Waiver HERE

CrossFit Kids

1 child = $100
2 children = $145
3 children = $175
**due at the beginning of the program

Drop-In Rate

$15 per class

Elements Program (Must complete these two classes before starting group classes)

$99 for Elements Program


We encourage AutoDraft (ACH) as your form of payment. If you choose AutoDraft, you will receive the discounted price listed above. ACH is NOT a contract. We do not do contracts. You may cancel your membership by giving two weeks notice in writing (email). You will not be refunded for attending only a partial month.


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