East 80 Box Rules

20130917-114924[1]We have a lot of new and veteran members at East 80, including Brian Younger (our very first member), so I thought today’s post would be helpful!

General Information:

1. Please check website or Facebook page daily for WOD posts, schedule changes, announcements, and events.
2. Please keep your contact info up to date. Membership fees are due by the first week of every month.
3. The best way to communicate with East 80 Crossfit is via email or text message: info@east80crossfit.com or 214-686-7260 (Coach Aimee).

Notes on East Box Rules:
1. Engage your brain when you walk in the door. Be aware and respectful of your surroundings. If there is coaching going on, stay quite so people can hear and learn. If there is a WOD going on, stay out of the way and off equipment until your class begins. Coach and Encourage!

2. Welcome those who are new!!! Extend your hand in friendship and help instruct or support each other. We are family!

3. Empty barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, 10/15lb bumper plates are NOT designed to be dropped!!! Dumping should be a necessity, not a convenience. ALWAYS keep your weight under control. Our equipment was very expensive, and the more we have to replace it… The more we have have to charge you.

4. Show up!!! The only way to get result is consistent HARD work. Skipping WODS will not get you to where we want you to go. Hold yourself and your East80 family accountable. Never say, “I can’t”! Don’t make excuses! When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done!

5. Lastly, take ownership! East80Crossfit belongs to you and you belong to East80Crossfit. It’s coaches, equipment, facility, members, and reputation are your responsibility. Respect and take pride in our East80 box and family!

Coach Ham